Enterprise Architecture Anti Patterns: Proved No Concept

September 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

My last blog I mention the advantage of PoC in Enterprise Architecture and in the end I mention the negative part it. I thought to cover this part. We all know there is always pros and cons. Its suits someone or it won’t. That’s why commonsense matters. And chose whats right for you. Here is article on Enterprise Architecture Anti Patterns: Proved No Concept


When Concepts are as clear as the The Elephant on Acid


Anti Pattern Name: [Proved No Concept]

Type: [Management, Technical]

Problem: [Proof of Concept usually started in a hurry without a clear definition of purpose and agreed specification of the actual ‘concept to prove’. These end in acrimony when no concept is actually validated as the fundamental objective was not clear from the outset. Quite often they become tenuous ‘proof of technologies’ or really more orientation projects with technologies being trialled.]

Context: [Poor specification of requirements for the Proof of Concept is the main culprit. Over exuberance and lack of planning, ill-defined concepts, or ‘make it up as we go along’ behaviours all act as amplifiers.]

Forces: [lack of governance, poor scope definition, no real understanding of the concept to prove at outset, the Proof of Concept is often really about finding and defining the concept to prove.]

Resulting Context: [Inconclusive outcomes, project overrun, false starts, confusion, weak hypotheses, badly designed research vehicles.]

Solution(s): [Resist pressure to commence a Proof of Concept without a well-articulated and signed off specification of the concept, its scope and how success (or otherwise) will be determined. If the concept is very complex or elusive, split the Proof of Concept into multiple phases with definition and agreement / candidate selection being the first stage(s). A Proof of Concept (PoC) that proves OR disproves the validity of the concept is a successful PoC. One that fails to reach any meaningful conclusion due to confusion over the concept being proved or disproved is a failure.]

Source : http://stevenimmons.org/2011/12/enterprise-architecture-anti-patterns-proved-no-concept/

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