I attended to First Metallica Show in India (Bangalore)

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I attended to First Metallica Show in India (Bangalore)

It was over two hours of pure euphoria for metal heads in Bangalore on Sunday. After the initial fear of the concert getting cancelled, the Gods of metal – Metallica — finally appeared on stage, with James Hetfield belting out Creeping Death. 

Never has Bangalore seen such a turnout for a concert with more than 50,000 fans singing along with James in perfect unison, joining him For Whom the Bell Tolls and the cult classic Fuel.

Just watching drummer Lars Ulrich with his all energy was such a treat. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammet was up in front sounding better than ever during his glorious solo. But it was bassist Robert Trujjilo who literally stole the show. He got huge applause from the crowd as he went spinning round and round, jumping up and down the stage. Then there was eerie silence for 10 minutes as Rob took centre stage and delivered his solo. After that, there was very little doubt why Rob is a perfect match for Metallica, being the newest member to join the band in 2006.

And there was fire and fireworks in abundance leaving the audience gaping in awe. There has never been a concert quite like this one before in Bangalore. After belting out Master of Puppets,Hetfield tells fans: “India has been a life-changing experience for us.” It was a night Bangalore will not for a long time to come. But for the most part, fans say that after witnessing Metallica performing live, all their weariness and waiting for long hours in serpentine queues just made it all worth their while.

Performing a total of 18 songs for over two hours, fans were still hungry for more. The other songs in the set list included Ride the Lightning, Fade to Black, The Memory Remains, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Sad But True, and the all-time classics like Nothing Else Matters (which sounded more beautiful live) and Enter Sandman.

As Hetfield and Ulrich prepared to leave the stage, fans screamed “We want more” and they did get more. Metallica played there more encore numbers – Am I Evil, Battery and the song everyone waiting for “Seek and Destroy”.

When Hetfield screamed out “Metallica loves you Bangalore”, everyone replied: “And we love you right back!” It was a touching moment between the band and fans that it even prompted Lars to say it too. After which, he handed over drumsticks to one of the policemen manning to barricade. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammet and Ron too threw their plectrums at the crowd, much to the glee of the fans.

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